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August 24, 2020 ,Rainbond 5.2 Stable version is officially released View Release

Rainbond Introduction

Cloud native and easy-to-use application management platform

Rainbond is a cloud native and easy-to-use application management platform, a best practice for cloud native application delivery, and easy to use. Focus on the application-centric concept. Enabling enterprises to build cloud native development cloud, cloud native delivery cloud.

For Enterprise: Rainbond is a cloud native platform that can be used directly out of the box,With Rainbond, you can quickly complete the cloud-native transformation of the enterprise R&D and delivery system.

For Developers: Develop, test and operate enterprise business applications based on Rainbond,You can get a full range of cloud native technology capabilities out of the box. Including but not limited to continuous integration, service governance, architecture support, multi-dimensional application observation, and traffic management.

For Delivery engineer: Build a product version management system based on Rainbond and build a standardized customer delivery environment, so that the traditional delivery process can be automated, simplified and manageable.

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With Rainbond you can:

  • Enterprise cloud native DevOps.
  • Set up To B software delivery system.
    • Build an online multi-customer continuous delivery system
    • Build an offline, efficient delivery system.
  • Enterprises transform from delivering software to delivering services.
  • Industry integrator integrated industry application delivery
  • Enterprise Technology Center Construction.
  • Kubernetes multi-cloud management.

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Rainbond Roadmap

Quick start

  1. Install Rainbond Cluster
  2. Create an Application and Component
  3. Learning concepts
  4. Watch the tutorial video


Rainbond Community You are welcome to read or contribute to the use cases of Rainbond in the community.

Rainbond Website Read more about Rainbond.

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Rainbond follow LGPL-3.0 license,Details seeLICENSE and Licensing


云原生且易用的应用管理平台 | Cloud-native and easy-to-use application management platform spread retract

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