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  • based on Spring Cloud Hoxton 、Spring Boot 2.2、 OAuth2 RBAC web framework
  • Idea based on data-driven view, if you don't use vue, you can get started quickly
  • provide support for common containers like Docker、Kubernetes、Rancher2
  • provide lambda 、stream api 、webflux production practice

Documentation | PigX Online | PigX Paper | pig4cloud initializr

Quickly structure microservice applications

<!-- pig-gen archetype -->

Core dependencies

dependencies version
Spring Boot 2.2.7.RELEASE
Spring Cloud Hoxton.SR3
Spring Security OAuth2 2.3.6
Mybatis Plus 3.3.1
hutool 5.3.3
Avue 2.5.2

Module description

pig-ui  --

├── pig-auth -- oauth-server[3000]
├── pig-codegen -- graphical code generation[5002]
└── pig-common 
     ├── pig-common-core -- tool core package
     ├── pig-common-datasource -- dynamic data source package
     ├── pig-common-log -- Log service package
     ├── pig-common-mybatis -- mybatis expand
     ├── pig-common-security -- security tools
     └── pig-common-swagger -- api documentation
├── pig-register -- nacos server[8848]
├── pig-gateway -- spring cloud gateway[9999]
├── pig-monitor -- spring boot admin[5001]
└── pig-upms
     └── pig-upms-api -- user management system api
     └── pig-upms-biz -- user management system biz[4000]

Open source co-construction

  1. Welcome to submit pull request,note correspondence dev branch

  2. Welcome to submit issue,Please clearly write down the cause of the problem, the development environment, and the steps to reproduce.

  3. mail: | QQ: 3130998334

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当前版本:V2.7.4 基于 Spring Cloud 、Alibaba、 OAuth2 的RBAC 权限管理系统 spread retract


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