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What's LuBan-H5?

LuBan-H5 is a mobile page builder based on Vue.js, which is similar with Amolink eqx(it's a chinese website, you may need to translate the page). It also supports parsing PSD file to HMTL5 Page


Preview Website

let's go through it real quick.

in short

git clone && cd luban-h5
# install dependencies &&  build front-end && build back-end
./ init

./ start

# ./ stop

# after the installation finished
# 1. visit :http://localhost:1337/admin, create your admin account
# 1.2 config the api permissions, see more here:

# 2. front-end
# 2.1 visit https://localhost:1337 to get the front-end of luban-h5



  1. Editor

    • Reference Line/GuideLine
    • Adsorption Line
    • Change plugin shape by drag-and-drop
    • Edit Element (Canvas)
    • Copy Element (Canvas)
    • Delete Element (Canvas)
    • Edit Page
    • Copy Page
    • Delete Page
    • Quick Preview
    • Undo、Redo
  2. Plugin System

    • Text
    • Normal Button
    • Form Button
    • Form Field
    • Picture
    • Background Image
    • Background Music
    • Video (Iframe format)
  3. enhanced function

    • parsing PSD file to HTML Page
    • Photo Gallery
    • Third Party uncopyrighted Image Search
  4. back-end API

    • create work
    • save work
    • update work
    • Form Statistics
    • Online Preview
    • QR Code Preview


proj: project root path please refer to: Document/Quick Start

More Explanation

Front-End Component Explanation

  1. lbp-: lu-ban-plugin-, means Luban H5 plugin, location: proj/front-end/h5/src/components/plugins

Build With (current)

  1. Front end: Vue.js
  2. Back End: Strapi
  3. Storage: Sqlite

Read more here Online English Document

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en: A mobile page builder/editor, similar with amolink. zh: 类似易企秀的H5制作、建站工具,开源可视化搭建系统 spread retract


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