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SAR Image Classification with MLPH

Modified Multi-Level Pattern Histograms (MLPH) for SAR image classification.

Some results for different regions in and around New York City area:


Platform tested on: Ubuntu 16.04

Softwares/Packages required:

  • Python >2.6
  • pickle
  • numpy
  • sklearn
  • skimage
  • scipy

Instructions to Run the Application

  • Open the terminal inside the directory “IP_Project_Group23”

  • To run MLPH on training images and train SVM & test on hold-out set:

$ python -m sarclf -run_mlph 1 -train_svm 1

  • To run pretrained SVM on test image pixels:

$ python -m sarclf

  • To run pretrained SVM to classify an image:

$ python -m sarclf -test 0 -clfimg <image_path>

  • For example, for image 2.tif in test_images folder, use:

$ python -m sarclf -test 0 -clfimg ./test_images/2.tif

  • To do any of the above steps with our modified MLPH: Add “-modified 1”


$ python -m sarclf -test 0 -clfimg ./test_images/2.tif -modified 1


Following the research on MLPH, we derive a pattern matrix for each pixel based on a threshold value, use these matrices varying bin lengths to get local pattern sub-histograms, concatenated to give local pattern histogram. With multiple thresholds, the concatenation of local pattern histograms gives MLPH for each pixel.

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:satellite: Multi-Level Pattern Histogram for Synthetic-Aperture Radar (SAR) image classification into terrain classes. spread retract


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