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TarsCloud / TarsCppC/C++ECL-2.0

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This project is the source code of the Tars RPC framework C++ language.

Directory Features
servant Source code implementation of C++ language framework rpc
tools Source code implementation of C++ language framework IDL tool
util Source code implementation of C++ language framework basic tool library
examples Sample code for the C++ language framework, including: quick start examples, introduction to promise programming, examples of pressure test programs
unittest Unittest of tarscpp rpc framework base on GoogleTest test framework. You can download it as a git submodule using 'git submodule init unittest;git submodule update' command.
test_deprecated Test procedures for various parts of the C++ language framework, deprecated in current.
docs Document description
docs-en English document description

Dependent environment

Software version requirements
linux kernel: 2.6.18 and above
gcc: 4.1.2 and above glibc-devel
bison tool: 2.5 and above
flex tool: 2.5 and above
cmake: 3.2 and above
mysql: 4.1.17 and above

Compile and install

git clone --recursive
cd TarsCpp
cmake .
make install

Detailed reference

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该工程是Tars RPC框架C++语言的源代码 目录名称 功能 servant C++语言框架rpc的源码实现 tools C++语言框架IDL工具的源码实现 util C++语言 spread retract


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