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Install-LaTeX-Guide-zh-cn (A short introduction to LaTeX installation written in Chinese)

This package will introduce the operations related to installing TeX Live (introducing MacTeX in macOS), upgrading packages, and compiling simple documents on Windows 10, Ubuntu 20.04, and macOS systems, and mainly introducing command line operations. At the same time, it briefly introduces the use of several common editors under different operating systems, and additionally adds some related content using Overleaf.

Users are advised to read texlive-zh-cn and lshort-zh-cn for a more comprehensive understanding of the basic content.

The code involved in this article also asks users to do more, don't simply copy and paste.

If you need to compile the source files, please make sure to install the fandol font and use the xelatex command. TeX Live users are recommended to use the following commands

latexmk -xelatex -synctex=1 install-latex-guide-zh-cn

Users who cannot use latexmk can execute make.bat or make according to their operating system.

If you need the PDF file compiled by this project, you can download it from Releases.


This work is released under the LaTeX Project Public License, v1.3c or later.

一份简短的关于 LaTeX 安装的介绍

本文将介绍 Windows 10、Ubuntu 20.04 和 macOS 系统中安装 TeX Live (macOS 中介绍 MacTeX)、升级宏包、编译简易文档的相关操作, 并多以介绍命令行操作为主. 同时简要介绍不同操作系统下几款常见编辑器的使用方法, 并额外补充了一些使用 Overleaf 的相关内容.

建议用户阅读 texlive-zh-cnlshort-zh-cn 以更全面地了解基础内容.

本文所涉及到的代码还请用户多多动手, 不要简单地复制粘贴.

若需要编译源文件, 请确保安装 fandol 字体, 并使用 xelatex 命令. 推荐 TeX Live 用户使用如下命令

latexmk -xelatex -synctex=1 install-latex-guide-zh-cn

无法使用 latexmk 的用户可以根据自己的操作系统执行 make.batmake.

若需要本项目编译完成的 PDF 文件, 可至 Releases 处下载.


本次工作将遵循协议 LaTeX Project Public License,v1.3c 或其后版本.

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一份简短的关于 LaTeX 安装的介绍 spread retract

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