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An identification code validation procedures implement by C++ with boost and libjpeg.

Note: For personal use at present.



Suppose you have compiled boost library in /usr/local/boost_1_56_0/ as well as the .a static library are in /usr/local/boost_1_56_0/stage/lib.

If not, you should probably modify the Makefile.

When all of the work is finished,just do following steps:

>> cd ./libjpeg/
>> make
>> cd ../decode/
>> make
>> ./decode


  • Open .sln file.
  • Configure include path of boost and libjpeg.
  • Compile libjpeg project first in the solution.
  • Configure attach library folder of boost and libjpeg.
  • Compile decode project.
  • F5 or Ctrl+F5 to run this application.


First you should let the program study and generate attribute code database.

To get help information:

>> decode -h
>> decode --help

To study by filenames from ./folder and create a new database named "db" in ./database:

>> decode -syn -d ./folder/ -b ./database/db
>> decode -s -y -n -d ./folder/ -b ./database/db

To study sigle file and append to database by default(./db):

>> decode -s -f simples/studied.jpg

if you want to see binaryzated image, just add -v option.

When finish studying, you can run a test or recognition.

To test a single file:

>> decode -t -f simples/tested.jpg

To test a series of images:

>> decode -t -d test/

Note: test procedure require that file named with a right name.

To recognite a single file:

>> decode -f simples/recognited.jpg

To recognite a series of files:

>> decode -d simples/



November 30, 2014 in Chengdu University of Technology.

Contact me by e-mail:

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C++使用boost和libjpeg库实现的验证码识别程序,目前是方便个人使用 spread retract


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