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思伟 authored 2019-07-18 16:52 . Init

Zhou Siwei

Java Software Engineer


    I am a Java developer who loves open source,Like to share their own code on open source sites,Make it easy for others to learn and provide Suggestions to improve the code。I pursue the development of ** high quality ** and ** good user experience ** application,I focus on ** development efficiency ** and ** knowledge accumulation **。
    Familiar with the whole process of software development, with strong logical thinking ability. Good documentation and code writing skills, able to solve problems independently, persistent and detail-oriented.
    Major Technology:Java、Third Party Pay、Wechat_Mp、Open Source Enthusiasts、Linux

Not impetuous, not radical, not conservative, love programming, love the back end, love new technology, love sports, love travel, execution and learning ability are awesome!

Work experience

Java Software Engineer Hangzhou TEYANG network technology co., LTD

2019/4 - 至今

  • Participated in the construction of aggregation payment framework (alipay, WeChat, unionpay), and the implementation of IAP internal purchase payment
  • Using high concurrency, multithreading provides solutions for (Internet + healthcare)
  • Responsible for technical specification document related to product or project, improve team development efficiency
  • Use Linux command to complete daily system deployment and maintenance work

Java Software Engineer Jiangxi 3xData information technology co. LTD

2017/12 - 2019/03

  • Using SSM, SpringCloud, Nacos, VueJS and other cutting-edge development technologies
  • Build ELK log analysis platform to analyze and display massive log data
  • Excellent employee certificate awarded and sealed by the company
  • Interface with front-end developers to solve bugs raised by testers

Java Software Engineer Jiangxi yiqiang weiying information technology co., LTD

2016/06 - 2017/11

  • Participate in the discussion of relevant project requirements, outline design, and complete the core code writing, improve the team development efficiency
  • Development with SpringBoot, SpringMVC and Mybatis
  • Continuous code reconstruction and optimization, analysis of system deficiencies, improve system performance
  • Encapsulate common code base, make it more standardized, reduce team workload and improve development efficiency

Technology and language

  • Java: SpringBootSpringCloudSpringMVCMyBatisShiroFreemarker
  • Front end: VueJsBootstrapLayUIjQuery UI
  • Database: MySQL/MariaDBSQLServerOracleMongoDBredismemcached
  • Web server: NginxTomcatApacheJetty
  • OS: LinuxWindows
  • Software: GitSvnMavenIDEAPostmanXMindVisioNodeJSPhotoshop

Opensource Project

  1. A privilege management framework based on SpringBoot + Shiro + MyBatisPlus
  2. SpringBoot integration with MyBatisPlus integration with Shiro allows rapid development
  3. Spring boot starter for fastjson
  4. Web kettle developed a set of distributed integrated scheduling, management,ETL development user professional B/S architecture tools
  5. A dynamic resume
  6. Record technical development notes with VuePress
  7. Use GitBook to record development notes
  8. My blog site

Education experience

2014 - 2017 Northwestern polytechnic university Computer information major B.S.

Interests and hobbies

Love toss, like to explore and try not to do new things, amateur love playing table tennis, running.

Zhousiwei's notes:

  1. Opensource projects
  2. Java
  3. Front end
  4. Hexo
  5. Notes
  6. Linux
  7. ELK

Contact me

  • QQ:2434387555 | WeChat:13647910412

If you like this effect,Fork My project,Create your own resume!

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