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bookug authored 2018-09-19 11:25 . docs: add missing file;

Improve The Core

  • speed up the join process and postprocessing of SPARQL using GPU or FPGA

  • improve the indices and support concurrent reads

  • add numeric value query function. need to answer numeric range query efficiently and space consume cannot be too large

  • typedef all frequently used types, to avoid inconsistence and high modify cost

Better Interface

  • the usability of ghttp(ERROR_CODE, API ...)

  • improve socket interface

  • docker settings

Idea Collection Box

  • warnings remain in using Parser/(antlr)!(modify sparql.g 1.1 and regenerate). change name to avoid redefine problem(maybe error), or go to use executable to parse

  • mmap to speedup KVstore?

  • the strategy for Stream:is 85% valid? consider sampling, analyse the size of result set and decide strategy? how to support order by: sort in memory if not put in file; otherwise, partial sort in memory, then put into file, then proceed external sorting

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