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Deploy gStore by Docker


Roughly speaking, there are two ways to deploy gStore via Docker.

The first one is using Dockerfile file in the root directory of project to automatically build it. And then run the container.

Another one is downloading the mirror which has been automatically built directly, then just run it.

0x00. prepare the environment

Official doc of Docker has explained how to download and use it on common Liunx release version in details. And here is the link: English doc, 中文文档

It's worth noting that the Docker with too high version may lead to some problems. Please read the precautions carefully. The current version of test environment is Docker CE 18.06.1

0x01. Build the mirror via Dockerfile

After having the correct Docker environment and network, use git clone to download the project firstly. Then enter the root directory and input command make pre to unzip some toolkits. After inputting command docker build -t gstore it's available to start building. In the default case, it will use the Dockerfile in the root directory. More specific explanation has been written in the Dockerfile.

After the building, using docker run -p 9000:80 -it gstore directly to start and enter the container and execute other operations.

0x02. pulling the mirror directly to run(recommendation)

Instead of downloading project or building on your own, input docker pull pkumod/gstore:latest to pull the mirror which has been automatically built well on the docker hub. Then input docker run -p 9000:80 -it pkumod/gstore:latest to start and enter the container and execute other operations.

0x03. Follow-up

A. Performance testing

The proportion of the loss of the performance of the container under the conditions of different file numbers/networks. The performance of running gStore in the native environment and in the container.

It's waiting for supplement.

B. Test of connecting other containers

Waiting for supplement.

C. Simplification and optimization of building

The mirror of gcc:8 has conquered the space of 1.7G, bringing a lot of unnecessary things(including the environment of Go). Hoping to optimize the mirror source in the future excepting lowing the gcc's version.

There are still a large number of content waiting for supplement.

Up to now we have just given a basic version. It's only the first step of containerization.

It's the document ver1.0

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