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zgzhanghao / redis-cpp17C++

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This repository doesn't specify license. Without author's permission, this code is only for learning and cannot be used for other purposes.
这是一个跨平台的 兼容redis协议 c++17 多綫程客戶端,服務器,代理服務器 spread retract

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zgzhanghao authored a
Notice: Creating folder will generate an empty file .keep, because not support in Git

fragment time(minute) single core absolute fair environment less than 100k set get bench: redis overall performance faster than redis-cpp17 10 - 25% range qps (because of the memory management cost of using STL and redis-cpp17 thread safe) kernel bottleneck 80-90% cpu benchmark.pdf

cd redis-cpp17/src/redis/ make ./redis-server

detailed test method reference redis benchmark

redis-cpp17 qq group: 324186207 qq 474711079

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