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This repository doesn't specify license. Without author's permission, this code is only for learning and cannot be used for other purposes.
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Java program for math quizzes for elementary school students, also a Java curriculum project.

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Project description

For elementary 1~2 grade students, randomly select two integers and addition and subtraction to form an equation that requires students to solve.

Functional requirements.

  • (1) The computer randomly asks 10 questions for 10 points each and displays the student's score at the end of the program.
  • (2) Ensure that the arithmetic does not exceed the level of grade 1 to 2, that only addition and subtraction within 50 is allowed, and that the sum or difference between two numbers does not exceed the range of 0 to 50, and that negative numbers are not allowed.
  • (3) Students have three chances to enter their answers to each question, and when they enter a wrong answer, they are reminded to enter it again and output the correct answer if the three chances end.
  • (4) For each question, the student receives 10 points for the first correct answer, 7 points for the second correct answer, and 5 points for the third correct answer, otherwise no points are awarded.
  • (5) If the total score is over 90, "SMART" is displayed, 80-90, "GOOD" is displayed, 70-80, "OK" is displayed, 60-70, "GOOD" is displayed. "PASS", 60 or less "TRY AGAIN".

Experimental environment

This project is a Java project and begins with a Java project development environment. In addition, the project uses a database, this project uses SQL Server 2008, the connected database name is mydbname, connected with administrator account sa, password 216059, (if you want to clone it and run it locally, please modify the corresponding configuration in the file). Create a new table user in the database, and add some initial accounts to log in.

Note: If you are using a MySQL database, modify the statements in and replace the jar in the lib directory with the corresponding MySQL package.


Thank you all for your attention.😄 😄 😄

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Java program for math quizzes for elementary school students, also a Java curriculum project. 小学生数学测验的 Java 程序,也是一个 Java 课程项目。 spread retract


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