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重点研发计划2017 / incubator-iotdbJavaApache-2.0

Updated Information
default branch
Haonan d70758c Merge pull request #1612 from apache/fix_docker_jmx
xiangdong huang 18d45c0 fix mavenWrapper license; apache commons collections declarison in NOT…
xiangdong huang 672a990 fix win script error
JackieTien97 f8c94dd Lazy Contruct AliasMap in InternalMNode
xiangdong huang 87e3e1c merge with master
xiangdong huang d99cd73 use pom.xml's version as IoTDB server and CLI's version
692814 qiaojialin 1578930907 qiaojialin 313626d format code
2052501 lta18 1578965175 lta bd312cd add ut for load files with creating metadata
692814 qiaojialin 1578930907 qiaojialin 0974a19 fix grammar
JackieTien97 7fdc6d5 rename some fields
JackieTien97 d8777ed fix sonar
2052501 lta18 1578965175 lta 62be186 fix some read and write issues
2052501 lta18 1578965175 lta ae07331 update engine properties
jt 7d95b53 fix cannot start data group when only one node
EJTTianyu 2e1a7e3 debug merge slow
EJTTianyu f7d07e7 fix chunk size count part
gwmh 1fb2533 Merge branch 'dev_new_merge' into dev_new_merge_rebase
jt d617727 fix resource unrenamed
jt ecdab5d change file open mode
jt fd11fb6 finish the framework