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Because the dependent on Bootstrap v4, so it is called Bootstrap Admin. This system can be integrated with and core applications. The database supports multiple databases at the same time. The detailed list is shown in the following database detailed list. Switching the data source only needs to change the configuration file without restarting the application. The configuration is simple and flexible. The UI front-end uses the popular Bootstrap framework layout, which is very compatible with mobile devices and adapts to almost all terminal devices in the current market. The system also has the feature of single background supporting multi-front desk, and provides the ability of single sign-on (SSO).


Bootstrap Admin does not require secondary development, but only integration with the front-end system. The front-end system model project is Bootstrap. Client
The original starting point of the project is to separate the privilege system from the business system. The project development focuses on functions. For detailed configuration instructions, please click on View Documents.


  1. Integration with Front-end Website through Configuration
  2. Constructing Hierarchical Menu of Front-end System
  3. Provide a single background to support multiple front-end application configurations
  4. Provide single sign-on(SSO)
  5. Integrated System Authentication and Authorization Module
  6. Provide role, department, user, menu, foreground application authorization Role Authorization to Users
    Role-to-Menu Authorization
    Role Authorization to Departments
    Role-to-application authorization (multiple front-end applications share a back-end privilege management system)
    Departments Authorize Users
  7. Provide dictionary tables for personalized configuration of front-end websites
  8. Fully responsive layout (supporting all mainstream devices such as computers, tablets, mobile phones, etc.)
  9. Built-in multi-data source support, simple configuration and immediate effect without restart
  10. Built-in data memory caching mechanism, page fast response
  11. Built-in Data Operation Log and User Log on

Update log


  1. The front-end system does not need to write login, authorization and authentication modules; it is only responsible for writing business modules.
  2. Background system can be used directly without any secondary development.
  3. Front-end and back-end systems are separated, which are different systems (domain name can be independent)
  4. Extensible to multi-tenant applications

For more information, please click wiki



For more information, please click wiki


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  "Firefox >= 38",
  "Edge >= 12",
  "Explorer >= 11",
  "iOS >= 9",
  "Safari >= 9",
  "Android >= 4.4",
  "Opera >= 30"


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Linux Supported Supported N/A N/A N/A N/A
Windows Supported Supported Supported, IE10+ Supported Supported Not supported

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  1. Install .net core sdk Offical website
  2. Install Visual Studio 2019 lastest Offical website
  3. Git clone git clone
  4. Login as Admin/123789



Online Demonstration

website1 website2


Administrator: Admin/123789
User: User/123789

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docker pull argozhang/ba

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Detailed configuration instructions please click wikis


Please click wikis


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  1. Fork
  2. Create Feat_xxx branch
  3. Commit
  4. Create Pull Request


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