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太原扁舟科技 authored 2020-02-16 11:29 . Initial commit



本系统为在线答题系统,支持在线考试、在线练习等功能... 支持题型:单选题、多选题、填空题、问答题、判断题、附件题、材料题、视频题、音频题 支持答题类型:手工配置 试卷答题、随机抽题练习 社交功能:试题收藏、试题评论、试题解析、试题点赞 权限控制:题库权限、考场权限

Software Architecture

Software architecture description


  1. xxxx
  2. xxxx
  3. xxxx


  1. xxxx
  2. xxxx
  3. xxxx


  1. Fork the repository
  2. Create Feat_xxx branch
  3. Commit your code
  4. Create Pull Request

Gitee Feature

  1. You can use to support different languages, such as,
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  3. Explore open source project
  4. The most valuable open source project GVP
  5. The manual of Gitee
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