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sushuang 5b4a211 Merge pull request #14087 from apache/fix/encodehtml
sushuang c1bfc95 ts: tweak type error.
sushuang a10659c fix: fix text example.
sushuang 7811279 test: remove unnecessary test file.
pissang 29a1859 wip: refacting morphing in custom series
Ovilia 95c870b feat(colorBy): provide option.colorBy #13731
1903589 plainheart 1578962089 plainheart 6d02bbd fix(symbol): remove redundant comma and next-line.
yufeng04 0607db0 fix bug #11517 the precision of markLine
yufeng04 1229380 fix bug #11528 Modify default value of tooltip and label
wfsheep 8b78e46 fix(tree):delete the edge when all the children nodes are deleted
Ovilia 220a377 test(axisPointer): add test cases
Ovilia 7113d24 feat: legend.itemStyle has higher priority
sushuang c6eecfe test: update ut for 5.0.
sushuang b697ed3 github: add description to GitHub homepage.
1903589 plainheart 1578962089 plainheart 25e860d Merge branch 'master' of i…
sushuang e14fd92 fix: eslint.
pissang cb5cfdc chore: add esm bundle #11855
sushuang f9896f0 Merge pull request #14020 from apache/release-dev
sushuang 5bda8a1 release: 5.0.1 (ag)
sushuang 457e95b stream try