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2052501 lta18 1578965175 lta 038cbbf Merge pull request #669 from apache/fix_jira_375
xiangdong huang 18d45c0 fix mavenWrapper license; apache commons collections declarison in NOT…
2052501 lta18 1578965175 lta bd312cd add ut for load files with creating metadata
2052501 lta18 1578965175 lta 62be186 fix some read and write issues
2052501 lta18 1578965175 lta ae07331 update engine properties
xiangdong huang bc38072 set connection timeout as a parameter
jt d617727 fix resource unrenamed
jt ecdab5d change file open mode
jt fd11fb6 finish the framework
xiangdong huang f6bf6d6 open debug for enable sonar
Ray 6a190df fix bug about limit&offset
xiangdong huang ca15d7d generate cpp, go, and python thrift files under service-rpc
xiangdong huang 06b7c6d fix wrong apache header; optimize long and Long boxing
East c4fd53c update
xiangdong huang 6120af9 mv python generate sources to python/iotdb
xiangdong huang de735c2 reopen distribution module
jt f6be8aa refactor MGraph
692814 qiaojialin 1578930907 qiaojialin d6fc68b add all writer V2
xiangdong huang d47561d cherry-pick [IOTDB-363] Correct the doc link error for and .