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    麻雀虽小 / grayJava forked from 笑天涯 / gray


    Latest update: 3 days ago

    source / spring-cloud-grayJava forked from saleson / spring-cloud-gray

    Spring Cloud Gray 是一套开源的微服务灰度路由解决方案,项目地址:

    Latest update: 6 days ago

    source / ZxingJava forked from Nepxion / Zxing

    🎫 Nepxion Zxing is a general code picture generator based on google zxing framework, support QR code and EAN code for file and byte array formats 基于Google Zxing的二维码/条形码创建和扫描组件

    Latest update: 10 days ago

    source / PermissionJava forked from Nepxion / Permission

    🎯 Nepxion Permission is a permission system based on Spring Cloud with Nepxion Matrix AOP framework and Aquarius framework, and add permission control to microservice APIs 基于Spring Cloud的微服务注解式API权限框架

    Latest update: 10 days ago

    source / EventBusJava forked from Nepxion / EventBus

    💢 Nepxion EventBus is a generic event dispatching component based on Google Guava with Spring framework AOP, support synchronous and asynchronous mode 基于Google Guava通用事件派发机制的事件总线组件,注解式发布订阅

    Latest update: 10 days ago

    source / SkeletonJava forked from Nepxion / Skeleton

    🔨 Nepxion Skeleton is a generic codes and files generator based on freemaker for any text formats, and provides skeleton of Spring Cloud with docker deployment 基于Docker & Spring Cloud的代码和文件的脚手架生成平台

    Latest update: 10 days ago

    source / CoroutineJava forked from Nepxion / Coroutine

    🔱 Nepxion Coroutine is a coroutine-driven distribution framework based on Kilim + Promise JDeferred + Zookeeper + Spring Boot, support Nepxion Thunder, Dubbo, Motan 基于规则配置的集成RPC调用的协程分布式调用的聚合框架

    Latest update: 10 days ago

    source / ThunderJava forked from Nepxion / Thunder

    ⚡️ Nepxion Thunder is a distribution RPC framework based on Netty + Hessian + Kafka + ActiveMQ + Tibco + Zookeeper + Redis + Spring Web MVC + Spring Boot + Docker 多协议、多组件、多序列化的分布式RPC调用框架

    Latest update: 10 days ago

    source / MatrixJava forked from Nepxion / Matrix

    🔑 Nepxion Matrix is an AOP framework integrated with Spring AutoProxy, Spring Registrar and Spring Import Selector with high universality, robustness, flexibility and usability 面向注解的业务场景,包括代理、拦截、开关

    Latest update: 10 days ago

    source / AquariusJava forked from Nepxion / Aquarius

    🔱 Nepxion Aquarius is a list of distribution components based on Redis + Zookeeper with Nepxion Matrix AOP framework, including distribution lock, cache, id generator, limitation 分布式锁、缓存、全局唯一主键、限流

    Latest update: 10 days ago