spring-cloud-grayJava forked from saleson / spring-cloud-grayJava

Spring Cloud Gray 是一套开源的微服务灰度路由解决方案,项目地址:

Latest update: 10 days ago

ZxingJava forked from Nepxion / ZxingJava

🎫 Nepxion Zxing is a general code picture generator based on google zxing framework, support QR code and EAN code for file and byte array formats 基...

Latest update: 14 days ago

PermissionJava forked from Nepxion / PermissionJava

🎯 Nepxion Permission is a permission system based on Spring Cloud with Nepxion Matrix AOP framework and Aquarius framework, and add permission cont...

Latest update: 14 days ago

EventBusJava forked from Nepxion / EventBusJava

💢 Nepxion EventBus is a generic event dispatching component based on Google Guava with Spring framework AOP, support synchronous and asynchronous m...

Latest update: 14 days ago

SkeletonJava forked from Nepxion / SkeletonJava

🔨 Nepxion Skeleton is a generic codes and files generator based on freemaker for any text formats, and provides skeleton of Spring Cloud with docke...

Latest update: 14 days ago

CoroutineJava forked from Nepxion / CoroutineJava

🔱 Nepxion Coroutine is a coroutine-driven distribution framework based on Kilim + Promise JDeferred + Zookeeper + Spring Boot, support Nepxion Thun...

Latest update: 14 days ago

ThunderJava forked from Nepxion / ThunderJava

⚡️ Nepxion Thunder is a distribution RPC framework based on Netty + Hessian + Kafka + ActiveMQ + Tibco + Zookeeper + Redis + Spring Web MVC + Sprin...

Latest update: 14 days ago

MatrixJava forked from Nepxion / MatrixJava

🔑 Nepxion Matrix is an AOP framework integrated with Spring AutoProxy, Spring Registrar and Spring Import Selector with high universality, robustne...

Latest update: 14 days ago

AquariusJava forked from Nepxion / AquariusJava

🔱 Nepxion Aquarius is a list of distribution components based on Redis + Zookeeper with Nepxion Matrix AOP framework, including distribution lock, ...

Latest update: 14 days ago

DiscoveryContribJava forked from Nepxion / DiscoveryContribJava

☀️ Nepxion Discovery Contrib is 3rd-party such as Database, Queue Message contributions that use Nepxion Discovery 基于Nepxion Discovery的第三方非微服务范畴中间件...

Latest update: 14 days ago

DiscoveryUIJavaScript forked from Nepxion / DiscoveryUIJavaScript

☀️ Nepxion DiscoveryUI is a web & desktop ui for Nepxion Discovery with strategy layout of gray, blue green, weight, lossless for service offline 灰...

Latest update: 14 days ago

DiscoveryAgentJava forked from Nepxion / DiscoveryAgentJava

☀️ Nepxion Discovery Agent is a java agent to resolve loss of ThreadLocal in cross-thread scenario, such as Spring Async、Hystrix Thread、Runnable、Ca...

Latest update: 14 days ago


Latest update: 2 months ago

geekhalo-dddJava forked from 文心紫竹 / geekhalo-dddJava

CRUD 终结者

Latest update: 8 months ago

BookStackGo forked from 进击的皇虫 / BookStackGo


Latest update: 1 year ago

radarJava forked from Radar / radarJava

实时风控引擎(Risk Engine),自定义规则引擎(Rule Script),完美支持中文,适用于反欺诈(Anti-fraud)应用场景,开箱即用!!!移动互联网时代的风险管理利器,你 Get 到了吗?

Latest update: 1 year ago

jeewmsJava forked from @HuangBingGui / jeewmsJava

wms 仓库管理系统,加QQ群:335607153

Latest update: over 1 year ago


The vip.com's java coding standard, libraries and tools

Latest update: over 1 year ago


A demo project to showcase microservices handling traffic spikes using event sourcing and CQRS

Latest update: over 1 year ago


Redis + Lua 抢红包程序设计

Latest update: over 1 year ago