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ddekany 689044a Removed further content from abandoned master (2.4) branch
ddekany 2c481cd Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/2.3-gae' into 2.3
ddekany 2ef07c2 Manual: Recommending #import instead of #include in the documentation …
ddekany 343c486 Merge branch '2.3-gae' into 2.3-gae-tools
ddekany dd8dd1b Backported more 2.3.20 compatibility tests
ddekany c646ee4 Fixed Google Custom Search key.
ddekany 4a723fc Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/2.3.24-gae-stabilization' into 2.…
ddekany 5f87566 Fixed some typos in the Manual (including FREEMARKER-118)
ddekany 789f2b2 Forward ported from 2.3-gae, kind of: Disallowed using the object retu…
ddekany 7f6e528 FREEMARKER-35: Reworked things so that it will allow format caching an…
ddekany d5f566a No search appendix (or such) is needed for having a search result page anymore.
ddekany 2bb3169 Merge branch 'master' into unboundTemplate