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AliOS Things is Alibaba's IoT version of AliOS Family, it was announced in The Computing Conference 2017 in Hangzhou by Alibaba Cloud, and open sourced in 20th, October, 2017 at github:

Architecture Overview

AliOS Things supports multiple architectures, including ARM, C-Sky, MIPS, RISCV, rl78, rx600, xtensa etc. 200+ AliOS Things certified chips and modules, and 100+ certified sensors.

AliOS Things adapts Layered Architecture and Component Architecture including:

  • BSP: Board Support Package
  • HAL: Hardware Abstraction Layer, includes WiFi, UART, Flash etc.
  • Kernel: includes Rhino RTOS Kernel, VFS, KV Storage, CLI, C++ etc.
  • Network: includes LwIP(Lightweight TCP/IP), uMesh mesh networking stack, BLE(Bluetooth Low Energy), LoRaWan stack, AT Commands Module etc.
  • Security: includes TLS(mbedTLS and cutomized iTLS), ID2, SST(Trusted Storage), Crypto, TEE(Trusted Execution Environment) etc.
  • AOS API: AliOS Things exposed APIs for Application and Middleware
  • Middleware: Alibaba's value-added and commonly seen IoT components, includes Linkkit, OTA(Differential Incremental Security Upgrade), ulog(log service), uData(Sensor Framework), uLocation(Location Framework), WiFi Provision etc.
  • Application: a lot of sample codes

All modules have been organized as Components, Configuring via menuconfig, which enables applications to choose components needed easily.


How to contribute

Please refer to Contributing Guideline.

Quick Start by Command Line using Ubuntu Machine

Please refer to Quick Start.

Quick Start by AliOS Studio

AliOS Things uses vscode as IDE, supporting Windows/MAC/Linux. Please refer to AliOS Studio.

IoT Platform

AliOS Things can help you connect your devices to Alibaba Cloud IoT platform more quickly.



AliOS Things is released under the Apache 2.0 license

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AliOS Things发布于2017年杭州云栖大会, 是 AliOS 家族旗下的、面向IoT领域的、高可伸缩的物联网操作系统 spread retract


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