!20 在与Spring集成时可以设置自己的BaseMapper。

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对于文档中 "25.6. 设置自己的BaseMapper" 对应的配置如下:

    <bean id="sqlManagerFactoryBean" class="org.beetl.sql.ext.spring4.SqlManagerFactoryBean">
        <property name="cs">
            <bean class="org.beetl.sql.ext.spring4.BeetlSqlDataSource">
                <property name="masterSource" ref="dataSource"></property>
        <property name="dbStyle">
            <bean class="org.beetl.sql.core.db.H2Style"/>
        <property name="sqlLoader">
            <bean class="org.beetl.sql.core.ClasspathLoader">
                <property name="sqlRoot" value="/sql"></property>
        <property name="nc">
            <bean class="org.beetl.sql.core.UnderlinedNameConversion"/>
        <property name="interceptors">
                <bean class="org.beetl.sql.ext.DebugInterceptor"></bean>
        <property name="baseMapper" value="xxx.MyMapper"/>
        <property name="amis">
                <entry key="selectCount" value-ref="selectCount"/>
                <entry key="selectAll" value-ref="selectAll"/>

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