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xengine / XEngine_Storage

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This repository has a development and master branch. If you want to use it, please use the master branch


c c++ 存储服务 c c++ 文件存储服务
c c++ file storage service
This is an api gateway for uploading and downloading.
The service is for users who have business needs for upload and download services (such as developers who need to upload and download servers).
This server is more inclined to store the API interface direction
best storage service for http,batter than nginx and more convenient to manage. On going maintenance

Software feature

The purpose of development and implementation based on libXEngine is a cross-platform network storage service

feature list:

  1. support file http upload and download(use put and get method)
  2. support http api notify of event and management api interface
  3. support http encrypt and cert data transimission
  4. support database(mysql and sqlite) record infomation.
  5. support load banace
  6. supprot http auth
  7. support log and config
  8. supprot speeds contral
  9. supprot task start and end proxy forwarding
  10. support p2p
  11. bt(planning)
  12. data distributed
  13. support second pass and Resumable
  14. support upload and download Redirect
  15. support full speed and limit speed



support system above windows 7sp1 and linux(ubuntu20.04,centos8)
XEngine need V7.24 or above
vcpkg need 2021.05.11 or above


use vs2019 x86(debug or release) x64(only release) open and complie
You need to configure the environment in the following way, otherwise you may need to set the library directory in the project yourself

install Dependent library

vcpkg.exe install jsoncpp
vcpkg integrate install
you can not use vcpkg and config jsoncpp development for youself


download xengine through git.read xengine project readme file to configure your env


Linux use Makefile to complie
supproted ubuntu x64 or centos x64

install Dependent library

install jsoncpp to your system
sudo apt install libjsoncpp-devel
sudo dnf install jsoncpp-devel

XEngine Install

you can install xengine env to your system by shell
like this:sudo XEngine_LINEnv.sh -i 3


execute command in XEngine_Source path
make complie
make FLAGS=InstallAll install
make FLAGS=CleanAll clear


  1. Switch to the MASTER branch
  2. download code
  3. complie
  4. install
  5. run
  6. use curl or postman test upload and download

second pass

The Second pass is not realized by the server, it is by the client
upload file second pass is first check the HASH file is on the server, if has file on the server, it will directly prompt the upload is successful.
The realization of downloading second transmission is to first query the local file save path through HASH, and download it directly if it exists.

about P2P

P2P distributed download has been supported, but currently only in the lan,cross-network segment is not supported for the time being, you need to wait for the development to be completed
P2P distributed download is the same as the hyper-threaded download of other download tools. The principle is to use the HTTP RANGE field. You can implement this function through libraries such as libcurl.

directory struct

  • XEngine_Docment docment directory
  • XEngine_Release install directory
  • XEngine_Source code directory
  • XEngine_APPClient client code dir
  • XEngine_SQLFile database sql file

now task

P2P WAN file search and download support
upload file code optimization

other problems

You can refer to the document under the docment directory. It contains API protocol and service description.

Test Service

Address:app.xyry.org or
Port:HTTP Center Port 5100,Download 5101,UPLoad 5102,P2P 5103

Participate in contribution

  1. Fork this code
  2. Create new Feat_xxx branch
  3. Submit the code
  4. New Pull Request

Clean up statement

the software will not generate any files to other directories in your system.
the software will not modify any of your system configuration.
the software can achieve complete cleanup by directly delete the directory.

Follow us

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post issues

if you have eny quest.post issues...

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