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kl222 authored 2019-06-24 15:02 . Modify README

Serial Port Assistant

Author: Kang Lin (


  1. Project:
    This project is a cross-platform serial assistant. It can run on:

    • linux
    • mac
      Mac os, I don't have the corresponding equipment, please compile and test the user with the corresponding equipment.
  2. Complie status

    Platform Status
    windows、android windows、android
    linux linux
  3. Multi-language

    • Chinese
    • Englisth
  4. Multi style

  5. Release download
    Latest release download

  1. Donate
    If you are satisfied, you can donate to me
  • Donation (greater than ¥20):
    donation (greater than ¥20)

  • Donate ¥20
    donation ¥20

  1. Dependence RabbitCommon:
git clon
  1. Compile

    • Compiled with QtCreator
      • Open the project file with QtCreator
      • Set the parameter RabbitCommon_DIR
      • Direct compilation can generate programs
    • Compile with the command line
      • Build the build directory in the project root directory
      • qmake build compilation project
      • make install Build the program with the local toolchain
      • The program is generated in the install directory
    mkdir build
    cd build
    qmake ../
    make install
    cd install  #The program is generated in the install directory

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