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Kamran Ahmed authored 2020-04-08 14:40 . Update LICENSE
Everything including text and images in this project are protected by the copyright laws.
You are allowed to use this material for personal use but are not allowed to use it for
any other purpose including publishing the images, the project files or the content in the
images in any form either digital, non-digital, textual, graphical or written formats.
You are allowed to share the links to the repository or the website but not
the content for any sort of usage that involves the content of this repository taken out
of the repository and be shared from any other medium including but not limited to blog
posts, articles, newsletters, you must get prior consent from the understated. These
conditions do not apply to the readonly GitHub forks created using the Fork button on
GitHub with the whole purpose of contributing to the project.
Copyright © 2020 Kamran Ahmed <>
Please note that I am really flexible with allowing the usage of the content in this
repository. If you reach out to me with a brief detail of why and how you would like
to use this content, there is a good chance that I will allow you to use it. The reason
behind this strictness in the license is to stop the people who have been using these
roadmaps in ill manners e.g. ripping people off with suggesting random affiliate links,
redistributing these roadmaps just for the sake of monetizing the traffic.

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