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Kamran Ahmed authored 2021-01-08 14:23 . Update roadmap year

Roadmap 2021

General Updates

Frontend Developer Roadmap

  • Recommended knowledge of the internet has been added
  • Added section for VCS in the roadmap
  • Mentioned the knowledge of web security
  • Deprioritized the CSS Preprocessors knowledge (priortized the use of CSS-in-JS)
  • Moved "SMACSS/OOCSS" out of recommendation and optional knowledge of BEM
  • Task runners - Gulp has been marked grey and removed from the "possible options"
  • Linters and formatters - removed JSHint and JSLint. Only Knowledge of ESLint and Prettier has been recommended.
  • Changed the order for "Module Bundlers". Webpack > Rollup > Parcel
  • Removed Radium and Glamorous from the CSS in JS options
  • Splits CSS frameworks to component based and CSS first. Also adds Tailwind, Chakra among the notable ones.
  • Adds react-testing-library to the testing options available and deprioritizes all except jest, cypress, enzyme and react-testing-library
  • Flow has been grayed out in "Type Checkers"
  • Server Side Rendering - After.js has been deprioritized
  • Adds section for Web Components
  • Static Site Generators - Adds Next.js and Gatsby as recommended and Vuepress, Jekyll and Hugo as other options
  • Adds flutter and Ionic for the mobile applications
  • Updates description for WASM
  • Carlo and proton-native have been grayed out from the "Desktop applications"

Backend Developer Roadmap

  • The old textual look has been gone and the tree has been made thorough. Beginner friendly textual format will be added soon to the website
  • Recommended knowledge of the internet has been added
  • Added basic frontend knowledge
  • Mentioned Web Security
  • Recommends OS knowledge, POSIX basics, and some basic terminal usage details
  • Languages part has been changed. JavaScript has been made the "Personal recommendation" and others as options available.
  • Adds VCS/Git section
  • Recommends additional database knowledge (i.e. ORMs, ACID, Transactions, N+1, Normalization, Indexes)
  • APIs section has been expanded with REST, JSON, SOAP, HATEOAS, Open API Spec
  • More authentication strategies have been added to the API authentication
  • Caching section now has CDN and client Side caching sections
  • Architectural patterns have been added
  • GraphQL has been added
  • New section has been added "Building for Scale"

DevOps Roadmap

  • Adds Networking Concepts and POSIX Basics in OS Concepts
  • Expands the Operating Systems
  • Adds netstat in the "Learn to Live in Terminal" section
  • Adds terminal multiplexers (screen, tmux)
  • Adds SSH + Port Forwarding into Network and Security section
  • Adds startup and service management (initd, systemd) knowledge under OS concepts
  • Renames ELK Stack to Elastic Stack
  • Adds Linode, Vultr and Alibaba Cloud to "Service Providers"
  • Renames ELK Stack to "Elastic Stack"
  • CI/CD - Adds Gitlab CI, GitHub Actions, Bamboo and Azure DevOps Services
  • Adds prometheus and Grafana under infra monitoring
  • Adds OpenTracing, Jaegar and Instana in app monitoring
  • Adds Pulumi under Infrastructure Provisioning
  • Adds optional knowledge about Emails
  • Fixes typos

Roadmap 2019

Roadmap 2018

Roadmap 2017

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