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bookug 664bfbc fix: bugs in benchmark of java api of http;
bookug 5a67c58 docs: update docker documents
412768 magicpanda 1578923090 magicpanda fa07f35 add: TPSelectivity to calculate selectivity of Triple Pattern
bookug 4f81dea docs: modify the usage document
dssgsra 9b279d1 add test_kvstore_multithread.cpp
bookug fb0cd3c feat: add http support;
hulin12138 f1b27ca fix bugs of pre_handler: cans.getID(*i)-->*i
bookug de6933a feat: add fullLoad function for B+ tree;
bookug 3dd2a85 refactor: no limit on depth;
ZongyueQin 6399eda Merge branch 'master' into qinzongyue
lijing 00f44a2 update docs
suxunbin 3fb7481 Add: add parallel sort using openmp
mrmrfan 08ee58c Merge branch 'yangchaofan' of into …