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Dave Grochocki authored 2019-03-20 14:13 . Update (#339)

Windows Calculator Roadmap

Windows Calculator is under active development by Microsoft.


In 2019, the Windows Calculator team is focused on:

  • Refining our open source development process on GitHub
  • Iterating upon the existing app design based on the latest Fluent Design guidelines
  • Improving testing and diagnostics within the project
  • Investigating new features with a focus on addressing top user feedback, including:
    • Adding graphing mode
    • Adding the ability for users to pin Calculator on top of other windows
    • Providing additional customization options
    • [Your feature idea here] - please review our new feature development process to get started!

We welcome contributions of all kinds from the community, but especially those that support the efforts above. Please see our contributing guidelines for more information on how to get involved.


Windows Calculator is included in every Windows 10 release as a provisioned Windows app. We also deliver updates through the Microsoft Store approximately monthly.

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