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SpaceVim / SpaceVimVimLGPL-3.0

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wsdjeg authored 2020-09-17 21:53 . Update contributing guide (#3808)

Contributing to SpaceVim

SpaceVim is a project exist thanks to all the people who contribute, we are thankful for all the contributions from community. We have a few guidelines, which we ask all contributors to follow.

Code contributions are welcome, Please read our development guidelines before your first contribution to get to know them.

In any case, feel free to join us on the gitter room to ask questions about contributing.

Pull Request

Submit your contribution against the master branch. You should not use your master branch to modify SpaceVim, this branch is considered to be read-only.


The license is GPLv3 for all the parts of SpaceVim. this includes:

  • The initialization and core files.
  • All the layer files.
  • The documentation