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本项目是一个跨平台的串口助手。它能运行在WINDOWS、linux、mac系统上 spread retract

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Notice: Creating folder will generate an empty file .keep, because not support in Git

Serial Port Assistant

Author: Kang Lin (


  1. Project:
    This project is a cross-platform serial assistant. It can run on:

    • linux
    • Android
    • mac
      Mac os, I don't have the corresponding equipment, please compile and test the user with the corresponding equipment.
  2. Complie status

windows、android linux

  1. Multi-language

    • Chinese
    • Englisth
  2. Multi style

  3. Release download
    Latest release download

  1. Donate
    If you are satisfied, you can donate to me


  1. Dependence
git clone
  1. Developer
    8.1. Compile
  • Download source code

    git clone
  • Compiled with QtCreator

    • Open the project file with QtCreator
    • Set the parameter RabbitCommon_DIR
      Project -> Build & Run -> Build -> Build settings -> Build step -> qmake
    • Direct compilation can generate programs
  • Compile with the command line

    • Build the build directory in the project root directory

    • qmake build compilation project

    • make install Build the program with the local toolchain

    • The program is generated in the install directory

      mkdir build
      cd build
      qmake ../
      make install
      cd install  #The program is generated in the install directory

8.2. Script


    • This script generates the deb package under linux. Before use, please make sure the following programs are installed

        sudo apt-get install debhelper fakeroot 
    • Use system qt

        sudo apt-get install -y -qq qttools5-dev qttools5-dev-tools \
             libqt5serialport5-dev qtbase5-dev qtbase5-dev-tools
  • This script is used to generate new release version numbers and tag

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