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Craig Jellick authored 2020-09-18 11:40 . Update


This represents the larger, bigger impact features and enhancements we have planned for K3s. There are many more tactical enhancements and fixes that can be found by perusing our GitHub milestones.

v1.19 - End of August 2020

  • Add support for config file based configuration
  • Replace experimental embedded dqlite with embedded etcd
  • Support ability to customize baked-in Helm charts
  • Improve and refactor SELinux support
  • Improve CentOS and RHEL 7 and 8 support

v1.20 - December 2020

  • Support a 2-node hot/cold HA model by leveraging etcd's learner node feature
  • Embedded container image registry
  • Introduce k3s build feature for easier local image building
  • Disentangle code and docs from Rancher Labs
  • Reduce patch set K3s requires for Kubernetes
  • Migrate to using upstream’s kubelet certificate rotation rather than our own custom logic
  • Migrate to using the kubelet config file for configuring kubelets rather than command line args
  • Upgrade to Traefik 2.x for ingress
  • Use "staging" location for binaries as part of upgrades


  • Windows support
  • Introduce "Cloud Provider" builds that have CSI and CCM built-in for each provider
  • Improve low-power support
  • Real-time operating system support
  • Graduate encrypted networking support from experimental to GA
  • Graduate network policy support from experimental to GA

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