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Brad Davidson authored 2020-08-18 14:34 . Update build instructions (#2136)

See the release page for pre-built releases.

The clone will be much faster on this repo if you do

git clone --depth 1

This repo includes all of Kubernetes history so --depth 1 will avoid most of that.

The k3s build process requires some autogenerated code and remote artifacts that are not checked in to version control. To prepare these resources for your build environment, run:.

mkdir -p build/data && ./scripts/download && go generate

To build the full release binary, you may now run make, which will create ./dist/artifacts/k3s.

To build the binaries using without running linting (ie; if you have uncommitted changes):


If you make any changes to go.mod and want to update the vendored modules, you should run the following before runnining make:

go mod vendor && go mod tidy

Kubernetes Source

The source code for Kubernetes is in vendor/ and the location from which that is copied is in ./go.mod. Go to the referenced repo/tag and you'll find all the patches applied to upstream Kubernetes.

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