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This repository doesn't specify license. Without author's permission, this code is only for learning and cannot be used for other purposes.
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Makeblock Library v3.25

Arduino Library for Makeblock Electronic Modules

Copyright notice

In makeblock's library, some of the modules are derived from other open source projects, and also part of some code is inspired by the algorithms of other individuals or organizations. We will retain the copyright of the original open source code.

Before I released version 3.0.0, I didn't review the source of some old code in the makeblock library. This made me make some obvious mistakes. Fortunately, some of our users pointed out the mistakes we made.

So I reviewed our code in 2018/05/16, and correct some copyright information.

These modules is derived from other open source projects:

  • MeRGBLed
  • MeHumitureSensor
  • Me7SegmentDisplay
  • MeOneWire
  • MeStepper

and these modules is inspired by some projects:

  • MeUSBHost

As an open source library, we respect all contributors to the open source community and thank you very much for everyone's supervision.

If you have a discussion about licensing issues, please contact me ( -- Mark Yan)

How to use:

  1. Download the source from the git

  2. In the Arduino IDE: "Sketch-> Include Library-> Add .ZIP Library-> select the downloaded file-> Open"

  3. Click "File-> Examples". Here are some test programs in "MakeBlockDrive->"

  4. Depending on the type of board you're using, you need to modify the header file to match. For example, if you're using a mCore. You should change #include <MeOrion.h> to #include <MeMCore.h> Corresponding boards and there header file are:

    Orion <--------> MeOrion.h

    BaseBoard <----> MeBaseBoard.h

    mCore <--------> MeMCore.h

    Shield <-------> MeShield.h

    Auriga <-------> MeAuriga.h

    MegaPi <-------> MeMegaPi.h

Revision of history:

Author Time Version Descr
Mark Yan 2015/07/24 3.0.0 Rebuild the old lib.
Rafael Lee 2015/09/02 3.1.0 Added some comments and macros.
Lawrence 2015/09/09 3.2.0 Include some Arduino's official headfiles which path specified.
Mark Yan 2015/11/02 3.2.1 fix bug on MACOS.
Mark Yan 2016/01/21 3.2.2 fix some library bugs.
Mark Yan 2016/05/17 3.2.3 add support for MegaPi and Auriga Board.
Mark Yan 2016/07/27 3.2.4 fix some JIRA issue, add PID motion for Megapi/Auriga on board encoder motor.
Mark Yan   2018/05/16 3.2.5 Correct copyright information.

Learn more from Makeblock official website:

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