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    The openEuler kernel is the core of the openEuler OS, serving as the foundation of system performance and stability and a bridge between processors, devices, and services.

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    The Community repo is to store all the information about openEuler Community, inclouding governance, SIGs(project teams), Communications and etc.

    Last updated: 2 months ago

    Watch Qiuuuuu / kernel forked from openEuler / kernel

    openEuler 内核是 openEuler操作系统的核心,是系统性能和稳定性的基础,是链接芯片、设备与业务的桥梁。openEuler 内核致力于打造成最具活力的产业Linux平台,成为信息产业基础设施的可靠基石。

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