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This repository doesn't specify license. Without author's permission, this code is only for learning and cannot be used for other purposes.
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iqiang authored 2018-07-14 12:03 . 修改alert的按钮名字,区分开
<UserData Version="">
<Item Key="PackageParamsKey">
<Value ctype="PackageParams">
<LuaIsEncrypt Value="False" />
<LuaEncryptKey Value="" />
<LuaEncryptSign Value="" />
<Android_PackageName Value="org.cocos.UI" />
<AndroidkeyStore Value="" />
<AndroidVersion Value="android-19" />
<iOS_Target Value="UI-mobile" />
<iOS_BundleID Value="iPhone Distribution: Youfang Xi (K267RDL76J)" />
<Platform Value="None" />
<RunPlatform Value="None" />
<FrameworkVersion Value="cocos2d-x-3.10" />
<IsDebugKeystore Value="True" />
<KeystorePassword Value="" />
<KeystoreAliasName Value="" />
<KeystoreAliasPassword Value="" />
<EnableSourceMap Value="False" />
<EnableHTML5Advanced Value="False" />
<Item Key="CocosRecentOperation">
<Value ctype="CocosRecentOperation">
<LastPublishType Value="Resource" />
<IsLastPublish Value="True" />
<LastRunType Value="Mac" />
<Item Key="TabsParamsKey">
<Value ctype="TabsInfo">
<ActiveDocument />

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