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Unified programming platform supporting multiple devices and languages

OpenArkCompiler is Huawei's open source project.

Four Technical Features of OpenArkCompiler

Compiles code of different languages into a set of executable files and efficiently executes the files in the running environment.

  • Supports joint optimization of multiple languages and eliminates cross-language calling overhead.
  • Achieves lightweight language runtime.
  • Collaborates hardware and software to maximize hardware energy efficiency.
  • Supports diversified terminal platforms.

Open Source Plan

Open source compiler framework code

  • Time: August, 2019
  • Scope: Compiler IR and middle-end language implementation
  • Benefits:
    • Provides an open source framework for understanding the architecture and framework code of OpenArkCompiler.
    • Allows developers to build a complete compiler toolchain that supports the compilation of Java samples (non-application).

Subsequent open source scope Open the front end, back end, and compilation optimization of compilers. Support the full compilation of Java programs and JavaScript applications.

Open Source Scope March 2020 May 2020
Front end Jbc front-end basic framework Front-end full open source
Middle end Weekly open source optimization phase
Back end Backend open source (O0) (aarch64) Weekly open source optimization (O2) (aarch64)
Test framework Test framework and basic Cases


How to use

  • source build/ arm release or
  • source build/ arm debug
  • make setup
  • make
  • make libcore
  • make testall

C example:

  • make demo

OpenArkCompiler Incubator

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Real-time Chat Channel

  • Discord-OpenArkCompiler
  • 9:00 am - 10:30 am everyday, developers can discuss community issues in the voice channel "panel discussion"


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