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Awesome Tmux configuration.



  • Designed for remote operation shortcuts, perfect implementation runs in the Tmux Tmux scenario.
  • Automatically connect to the last outgoing session, seamlessly the last operation (to prevent accidental exit and interrupt operation).
  • Shortcuts are reasonably assigned, and all shortcuts don't need to move your wrist :-).
  • Plugins installation and update, custom appearance, custom settings can be one key operation (set the shortcut to edit directly).
  • A command can be installed this configuration.
  • Urlview integration if available.

Install Tmux

sudo apt install -y libncurses5-dev libevent-dev
wget${TMUX_VERSION}/tmux-${TMUX_VERSION}.tar.gz -O /tmp/tmux-${TMUX_VERSION}.tar.gz
tar xf /tmp/tmux-${TMUX_VERSION}.tar.gz
cd /tmp/tmux-${TMUX_VERSION} && ./configure && make
sudo make install
rm -rf /tmp/tmux-*

Install Tmux Powerline

git clone ~/.tmux-powerline

Copy Tmux Configuration

git clone ~/.tmux
ln -sf ~/.tmux/powerline/ ~/.tmux-powerline/themes/
ln -sf ~/.tmux/powerline/tmux-powerlinerc ~/.tmux-powerlinerc
ln -sf ~/tmux.conf ~/.tmux.conf

Init Plugins

mkdir -p ~/.tmux/plugins
git clone ~/.tmux/plugins/tpm

Start up Tmux, and use 'Prefix+Shift+i' install plugins. (Default 'Prefix' is 'Alt+z')

Key bindings


Key Bind
Alt+z prefix
prefix-e edit tmux config file
prefix-E edit tmux theme file
prefix-r reload tmux config file


Key Bind
prefix-f find session
prefix-n create session
prefix Alt-q suspend client
Other keep the default.


Key Bind
prefix Alt-w close window
prefix c create window
prefix Tab move to last active window
prefix [ select previous window
prefix ] select next window
prefix \ split window
prefix - split window
prefix Alt-[ swap window
prefix Alt-] swap window
Other keep the default.


Key Bind
prefix hjkl pane navigation
prefix arrow pane navigation
prefix < swap pane
prefix > swap pane
prefix Space last pane
prefix Alt-x close pane
prefix HJKL resize pane
prefix Alt-arrow resize pane
prefix ` synchronize pane on
**prefix ~** synchronize pane off
Other keep the default.

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