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Erin Catto authored 2020-07-26 23:28 . Merged change lists

Changes for version 2.4.0


  • Documentation in Doxygen format
  • CMake build system
  • Unit test support
  • Continuous integration testing using Travis CI
  • Limited use of C++11 (nullptr and override)
  • Restructured folders and renamed files to better match open-source standards
  • MIT License
  • Removed float32 and float64
  • Linked the Box2D project to GitHub Sponsors


  • Chain and edge shape must now be one-sided to eliminate ghost collisions
  • Broad-phase optimizations
  • Added b2ShapeCast for linear shape casting


  • Joint limits are now predictive and not stateful
  • Experimental 2D cloth (rope)
  • b2Body::SetActive -> b2Body::SetEnabled
  • Better support for running multiple worlds
  • Handle zero density better
    • The body behaves like a static body
    • The body is drawn with a red color
  • Added translation limit to wheel joint
  • World dump now writes to box2d_dump.inl
  • Static bodies are never awake
  • All joints with spring-dampers now use stiffness and damping
  • Added utility functions to convert frequency and damping ratio to stiffness and damping


  • Testbed uses dear imgui
  • glad OpenGL loader
  • OpenGL 3.3 required

Changes for version 2.3.0

  • Polygon creation now computes the convex hull. Vertices no longer need to be ordered.
  • The convex hull code will merge vertices closer than dm_linearSlop. This may lead to failure on very small polygons.
  • Added b2MotorJoint.
  • Bug fixes.

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