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This repository doesn't specify license. Without author's permission, this code is only for learning and cannot be used for other purposes.
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Cocos ICE User Manual


This documentation site is powered by GitBook. You can check out the online version here.

You need Node.js and npm to be able to build the site.

To install GitBook:

npm install gitbook-cli -g

Install GitBook plugins:

gitbook install

Install gulp and other modules:

npm install gulp -g
npm install


To preview the doc, run the following command:

npm run preview


npm run preview -- -o file1,file2...

The first command will build and launch web server to host the site. It will also enable live reload plugin, so your changes to the markdown source file will automatically triggers the rebuild of the docs.

The second command allows you to build the page that you assigned straightly. Please change the file1,file2... to your own file name, then execute preview command. And this command will help you rebuild the .bookignore file which can let you ignore the files that you didn't change when you rebuild the doc.

After generation finished, don't quit server process, run the following command in other terminal context:

gulp prune-left-bar

This will remove unused links from left bar.


If you just want to build the markdown to html, use this command:

npm run build

You can also build the doc for ebook formats (PDF, ePub, mobi), please following this guide:


If you need to publish to the website, you'd better build it on Mac. If use Windows, some redundant .md file will also generated.

Build Graphviz files

You're able to use Graphviz to draw flow charts. The only supported generated format is SVG.

To build Graphviz files(.dot), run:

npm run build:dots

The output SVG file would be generated at the same directory the graphviz file in, with same file name but extension replaced by ".svg".

Content Editing

The markdown source of this book is in language specific folders /en and /zh. Language options are registered in LANGS.md file.


In each language folder there is an SUMMARY.md file, which contains all the pages to build and also this file serves as a sidebar navigation list. Any markdown source file that are not listed in this index will not be build.

In this index file, just write links to each markdown file in a list. Indented list is for chapters that contains expandable subs. For example:

- [Using Editor](getting-started/basics/editor-overview.md)
    - [Assets](getting-started/basics/editor-panels/assets.md)
    - [Scene](getting-started/basics/editor-panels/scene.md)
    - [Node Tree](getting-started/basics/editor-panels/node-tree.md)

Will create a toggleable chapter title Using Editor. Once clicked all its subs will show up.

Front page

index.md at each language folder is the front page of the doc.

Page content

To change the content of each page, just edit the markdown source files. There's no specific front matter format, just make sure each page has a h1 as the title.

Customize Style and Template

To customize styles, modify zh/styles/website.css and en/styles/website.css.

To change HTML templates, change the content in zh/_layouts and en/_layouts. Check out Templating Guide for GitBook.


This is a dynamically updated user document, and your reading and feedback is the driving force behind our progress.

If you encounters any typo or content problem please report issue in this repo. Pull requests are welcome!

Style Guide for Chinese documents

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