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A basic clipboard manager for Wayland, with support for persisting copy buffers after an application exits.


From source


  • a windows manager that uses wlr-data-control, like Sway and other wlroots-based WMs.
  • wl-clipboard >= 2.0
  • a selector: wofi, bemenu, dmenu or rofi are specially supported, but you can use what you want
  • notify-send (optional, for desktop notifications)

Install go, add $GOPATH/bin to your path, then run go get OR run go install inside this folder.


A few distros ship with clipman binaries in their official or unofficial repos.


Run the binary in your Sway session by adding exec wl-paste -t text --watch clipman store (or exec wl-paste -t text --watch clipman store 1>> PATH/TO/LOGFILE 2>&1 & to log errors) at the beginning of your config.

For primary clipboard support, also add exec wl-paste -p -t text --watch clipman store -P --histpath="~/.local/share/clipman-primary.json" (note that both the -p in wl-paste and the -P in clipman are mandatory in this case).

To query the history and select items, run the binary as clipman pick -t wofi. You can assign it to a keybinding: bindsym $mod+h exec clipman pick -t wofi. You can pass additional arguments to the selector like this: clipman pick --tool wofi -T'--prompt=my-prompt -i' (both --prompt and -i are flags of wofi). You can use a custom selector like this: clipman pick --print0 --tool=CUSTOM --tool-args="fzf --prompt 'pick > ' --bind 'tab:up' --cycle --read0".

To remove items from history, clipman clear -t wofi and clipman clear --all.

To serve the last history item at startup, add exec clipman restore to your Sway config.

For more options: clipman -h.

Known Issues

Loss of rich text

  • All items stored in history are treated as plain text.
  • By default, we continue serving the last copied item even after its owner has exited. This means that, unless you run with the --no-persist option, you'll always immediately lose rich content: for example, if you copy formatted text inside Libre Office you'll lose all formatting on paste; or, if you copy a bookmark in Firefox, you won't be able to paste it in another bookmark folder.

Vim's Visual Block mode and other things (copying images in Firefox, etc) break if persistence is enabled

Run clipman store with the --no-persist option if you are affected. Unfortunately, it seems that there is no way to make them play well together.


This projects follows SemVer conventions.


GPL v3.0

2019- (C) yory8

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Clipman 是 Wayland 的基本剪贴板管理器,支持在应用程序退出后保留复制缓冲区 expand collapse


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