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Updated Information
Anton Georgiev b1ad4e5 Merge pull request #10595 from PouriaSeyfi/PouriaSeyfi-patch-1
Fred Dixon 37ed2c7 Merge pull request #8782 from ritzalam/generate-meeting-data
Fred Dixon 4ac33f0 Update bigbluebutton-release
Anton Georgiev 74767f0 Update bigbluebutton-release
Anton Georgiev 52969ed Update emitExternalVideoEvent.js
Fred Dixon 8777c2c Bump dependency for nokogiri version
Fred Dixon 0eae639 Update bigbluebutton-release
Fred Dixon cadb175 Update bigbluebutton-release
Fred Dixon ae19bd0 Update minimist to latest version
Fred Dixon 8343ee0 Improve rendering of images in default.pdf
Fred Dixon 6af3a41 Update bbb-conf
Fred Dixon 86c6451 Make end meeting more clear
default branch
Anton Georgiev 32c741c Merge pull request #8710 from prlanzarin/2.3-lo-icereconn
Anton Georgiev 344dd4f Update bbb-conf
Anton Georgiev e329371 Revert "Revert "Create layout context and add a layout manager""
Anton Georgiev 7535e6f Revert "Create layout context and add a layout manager"
Anton Georgiev d1924c5 Revert "Fix calcGuestStatus"
Anton Georgiev 21b6def Revert "Replace unsafe react lifecycle methods"
Anton Georgiev 70077fb Revert "Use main room user parameters in breakouts room"
Anton Georgiev ff1357c Revert "Improve audio reconnection for muted users for 2.2"