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Minecraft Midi Player

a simple bukkit plugin to play midi in your minecraft server!
Minecraft version: 1.8.1+
Can map notes to several instruments, creating a note range from C0 to C7(1.8+)or even C0 to C9(1.12+), nearly all midi notes are supported in 1.12+(midi supports from C0 to G#9).
Also compatible with Piano+ resource pack, creating a note range from C1 to C7, only thing to do is to set config item "universal" in "plugin.yml" to false.
Piano+ 1.6+
Piano+ 1.9-1.12
Piano+ 1.13+

How to use

  1. Download the Latest version of this plugin from releases
  2. Install this plugin in your minecraft server's plugins folder(Server Directory/plugins/). make sure your server supports bukkit!
  3. Start server, wait before fully loaded and generates a folder named "MCMIDI".
  4. Place your midi music files inside MCMIDI folder.
  5. Use/mcmidi load foo.midto load foo.mid into memory before first play.
  6. After loading,you can use/mcmidi play foo.mid playerto play midi for a player or/mcmidi play foo.mid to play for yourself.
  7. If you wants to generate note block structure, use /mcmidi generate foo.mid to generate a note block structure right at your location.


  • Server tps may affect play speed.
  • Midi files that are too fast may have some notes lost, the smallest time unit is a minecraft tick(50ms), notes closer than this may be considered as notes at the same moment.
  • The velocity,pressure or volume of a single key would not be considered as there's no way to present this in minecraft.
  • Only midi speed change message and key on messages would take effect.
  • generating structure may cause performance issues. There's no undo, so be careful!
  • structure width must larger than 16, you can calculate a approxmate value by lengthInTicks*3(cell width)/250(height).

Minecraft midi播放器

适用于minecraft bukkit服务器的midi插件
Piano+ 1.6+
Piano+ 1.9-1.12
Piano+ 1.13+


  1. Releases下载本插件的最新版本。
  2. 把本插件放在插件文件夹(服务器目录/plugins/)。
  3. 启动服务器,等待完全开启并生成MCMIDI文件夹。
  4. 把midi音乐放在插件文件夹下MCMIDI文件夹内(服务器目录/plugins/MCMIDI)。确保你的服务端支持Bukkit!
  5. 首次播放某个音乐时,需要使用/mcmidi load 测试.mid加载"测试.mid"到服务器缓存。
  6. 载入后,就可以使用/mcmidi play 测试.mid 玩家为玩家播放"测试.mid",或者/mcmidi play 测试.mid为自己播放了。
  7. 也可以使用/mcmidi generate 测试.mid在你所在位置生成一个红石音乐结构。


  • 服务器tps会影响播放速度。
  • 过快的midi文件可能会出现音符丢失,最小时间单位是1 mc tick(50ms),间隔低于这个的音符会被认为是同一时间内的音符。
  • 速度、压力和音量属性都不会被使用,因为在minecraft内很难表达这些属性。
  • 只有midi速度变化和按键按下信息会生效。
  • 生成红石音乐会导致性能问题和卡服,不能撤销,请慎重操作!
  • 结构宽度最低为16,可以近似计算长度为 tick长度*3(单元宽度)/250(高度)。

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