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This repository doesn't specify license. Without author's permission, this code is only for learning and cannot be used for other purposes.
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HiTech authored 2016-02-04 17:51 . Update ShareButton and Language file.

LiveFACE最美桌面 项目,覆盖超过300个国内图标。带有二级菜单切换,上滑解锁和锁屏密码,毛玻璃桌面壁纸,上滑快捷菜单等优秀功能。


LiveFACE LAUNCHER Project is a Android Launcher project first used in LiveFACE Android base ROM, with second level menu,

lockscreen UI, Blur Wallpaper and icon pack which including a large number of Chinese third-party application.


Dev Team:

Product Manager:吴健锋

User Interface:吴健锋


Widget Developer:小玛


This is an Android Luancher project with LiveFACE iconpack and a serious function.

Tools: Android Studio


All images, illustrations on this Apps are subject to copyright held by Mr.WU JIANFENG and LiveFACE Team unless otherwise stated.

Any reproduction, dissemination, transmission, forwarding, and publishing or disclosure of the programs need to request team consent

and authorize.



图片资源版权声明: 本APP所有图片资源(包括应用图标,开关素材,第三方应用图标)版权归属人:吴健锋。其本人保有一些图片资源之著作权。

Website (Unfinish):

Google Play: <<<<<<< HEAD

//OSC git For Chinese Dever:



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