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ruki authored 2020-05-29 00:48 . update readme


A static injector of dynamic library for application

Introduction (中文)

luject is a static injector of dynamic library for application. It support the following applications:

  • Android APK
  • iPhoneOS IPA
  • Windows Program (does not supported yet)
  • Linux Program
  • MacOS Program

If you want to know more, please refer to:


XMake installed on the system. Available here.


$ xmake


$ xmake install


$ luject -i app.apk
$ luject -i app.ipa lib1.dylib lib2.dylib
$ luject -i
$ luject -i app.exe lib1.dll lib2.dll
$ luject -i a.dll lib1.dll lib2.dll
$ luject -i liba.dylib lib1.dylib lib2.dyib
$ luject -i bin


Inject to apk

Use frida tools to dynamically analyze the application. For details, see: frida

$ luject -i app.apk -p libtest /tmp/

libtest is a so library that requires matching injection in the apk, and supports pattern matching to achieve batch injection, for example: libtest_*.so, if you do not specify the -p parameter, all so are defaulted for batch full injection.

refs: How to use frida on a non-rooted device


Build and run

$ xmake
$ xmake run luject -i [input]

Build and run tests

$ xmake build test
$ xmake run test



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