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This repository doesn't specify license. Without author's permission, this code is only for learning and cannot be used for other purposes.
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What's ThuThesis?

ThuThesis is an abbreviation of Tsinghua University Thesis LaTeX Template.

This package establishes a simple and easy-to-use LaTeX template for Tsinghua dissertations, including general undergraduate research papers, masters theses, doctoral theses, doctoral dissertations, and post-doc reports. Additional support for other formats (what else is there?) will be added continuously. An English translation of this README follows the Chinese below.


ThuThesis为 Tsinghua University Thesis LaTeX Template之缩写。




  • 模板使用说明 (thuthesis.pdf)
  • 示例文档 (main.pdf)




通过 TeX 发行版工具自动从 CTAN 更新。


GitHub 下载放入论文目录,执行命令(Windows 用户在文件夹空白处按Shift+鼠标右键,点击“在此处打开命令行窗口”):

xetex thuthesis.ins

即可得到 thuthesis.cls 等模板文件。




make [{all|thesis|shuji|doc|clean|cleanall|distclean}]


  • make all 等于 make thesis && make shuji && make doc
  • make cls 生成模板文件;
  • make thesis 生成论文 main.pdf;
  • make shuji 生成书脊 shuji.pdf;
  • make doc 生成使用说明书 thuthesis.pdf;
  • make clean 删除示例文件的中间文件(不含 main.pdf);
  • make cleanall 删除示例文件的中间文件和 main.pdf;
  • make distclean 删除示例文件和模板的所有中间文件和 PDF。


Download and unzip the template. Specific usage documentation and examples can be found in the files below. At present, these documents are only available in Chinese:

  • Template usage (thuthesis.pdf)
  • Template example (main.pdf)


  • Published version: CTAN
  • Developer version: GitHub



Get the most up-to-date published version of the TeX tools from CTAN.


Download the package from GitHub to the root directory of your thesis, then execute the command (Windows users Shift + right click white area in the file window and click "Open command line window here from the popup menu"):

xetex thuthesis.ins

You'll get thuthesis.cls along with other template files.

Reporting Issues

Please follow the procedure below:

Makefile Usage

make [{all|thesis|shuji|doc|clean|cleanall|distclean}]


  • make all same as make thesis && make shuji && make doc;
  • make cls generate template file;
  • make thesis generate thesis main.pdf;
  • make shuji generate book spine for printing shuji.pdf;
  • make doc generate documentation thuthesis.pdf;
  • make clean delete all examples' files (excluding main.pdf);
  • make cleanall delete all examples' files and main.pdf;
  • make distclean delete all examples' and templates' files and PDFs.

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