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iresty / lua-var-nginx-moduleLuaApache-2.0

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Fetchs Nginx variable by Luajit with FFI way which is fast and cheap. spread retract

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Fetchs Nginx variable by Luajit with FFI way which is fast and cheap.

Compares to ngx.var.*, performance has increased by more than five times. ^_^

Table of Contents


Compiles the nginx c module to OpenResty:

./configure --prefix=/opt/openresty \

Install the Lua source code, there are two ways:

luarocks install lua-resty-ngxvar

Or we can copy the source lua file to specified directory which OpenResty can load it normally.

make install LUA_LIB_DIR=/opt/openresty/lualib/resty/



syntax: req = ngxvar.request()

Returns the request object of current request. We can cache it at your Lua code land if we try to fetch more than one variable in one request.

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syntax: val = ngxvar.fetch(name, req)

Returns the Nginx variable value by name.

 location /t {
     content_by_lua_block {
         local var = require("resty.ngxvar")
         local req = var.fetch("_request")

         ngx.say(var.fetch("host", req))
         ngx.say(var.fetch("uri", req))

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  • support more variables.

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