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A blazor component library using Element UI

API imitates Element, CSS directly uses Element's style, HTML structure directly uses Element's HTML structure

Element Address:

Demo address and related cases

Address Content Server Location Blazor WebAssembly Version Gtihub Blazor WebAssembly Version PWA Mode Github A Blazor community, based on Blazui development, Server rendering China Blazor Server Version China Blazor community management website, based on Blazui.Admin China

Directory function and corresponding nuget package

First-level directory Second-level directory Third-level directory Fourth-level directory Description
src source code
Admin Management website template based on Blazui
Admin.ClientRender WebAssembly rendering of the template (unfinished)
Admin.ServerRender Server rendering of the template Nuget
Admin Template UI framework Nuget
Components Blazui component source code Nuget
Lang Internationalization support
... Component source code
MarkDown MarkDown editor based on Blazui Nuget
IconHandlers Markdown editor icon handler
... Editor source code
Samples Demo code for all components
Admin Demo code of Blazui.Admin
Blazui.Admin.Sample.ClientRender.PWA PWA WASM mode, no server, can not run
Blazui.Admin.Sample.ServerRender Server mode
Blazui Blazui demo code, including MarkDown editor
Blazui.ClientRender.PWA PWA WASM mode
Blazui.ClientRender WASM mode
Blazui.ServerRender Server Mode

Main update repository

Contribution description

Fork a copy of the code to its own repository, and then pull out a new branch based on the develop branch, develop on this branch, and initiate PR merge to develop after the development is complete

Use documentation

Change log

Version, 2020.05.06 Published

  1. Add keyboard event of BLayout component
  2. Extension class multi-language is empty by default to solve the error report

Version, 2020.04.24 Published

Blazor upgrade preview 5

Version,2020.04.24 Published

  1. Repair 将 Blazui 基础组件, BlazAdmin, MarkDown Editor 移动到一个仓库
  2. Repair Table checkbox-SelectedRowsChanged 外部传入EventCallBack后,会使得列表checkbox无法勾选
  3. Add Dialog全屏弹窗扩展
  4. Add 国际化支持(Internationalization support)
  5. Repair BSubMenuBase 的 SemaphoreSlim 属性应该是只读属性,同时应该释放
  6. Repair BPaginationBase在PageSize修改后最大页码不会跟着更新
  7. Repair BInput InputType=TextArea 渲染无效
  8. Add wasm的支持
  9. Add BTableAddAttribute忽略项
  10. Repair MessageService.Show连续使用只显示第一个
  11. Repair BTable无数据提示
  12. Repair Dialog叉号关闭窗口报错
  13. Repair DialogService.ShowDialogAsync 弹出一个窗口关闭后无法紧接着弹出第二个
  14. Add BInput控件,当设置的数据类型是数字时,输入字母后,后面的清空按钮失效了

Version 2020.01.06 Published

  1. Add File upload component
  2. Add Markdown 编辑器 及 Markdown 渲染器
  3. Repair BDatePicker控件DateChanged有问题

Version,2020.01.03 Published

  1. Add BDropDown 下拉菜单组件
  2. Repair Table控件中 日期的格式化不起作用
  3. Repair table 全选
  4. Add Input组件可否Add尺寸(Size
  5. Repair 下拉弹出菜单频繁点击会出现多个
  6. Repair 按钮不支持圆形
  7. Repair 弹窗组件
  8. Repair BButton组件中Cls属性改为追加感觉更合理
  9. Repair [Bug Report] Checkbox 全选时选项没联动选中
  10. Add about loading
  11. Add 是否可以让BMenuItem组件具有匹配路由然后选中的功能
  12. Repair 表单下拉列表
  13. Add 组件可Add一个visible属性,用于隐藏或显示
  14. Add 弹窗-表单赋值的时候radio组件-枚举值无法绑定
  15. Repair tab标签页只能关闭当前的

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Element的blazor版本,无JS,无TS,用 .Net 写前端的 UI 框架,非 Silverlight,非 WebForm,开箱即用 spread retract


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