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dnmp = Docker + Nginx + MySQL + PHP + Redis + MongDB

plus = xhgui + xhprof + tideways

dnmp-plus = PHPer's one-click installation development environment + PHP non-intrusive monitoring platform(optimizing system performance, positioning artifacts of Bug)

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dnmp-plus is added on the basis of dnmp:

  • PHP xhprof extension - PHP performance tracking and analysis tool developed by Facebook
  • PHP tideways extension - branch of xhprof with support for PHP7
  • PHP mongodb extension
  • MongoDB service
  • Mongo Express - MongoDB Service Management System
  • Xhgui - xhprof GUI system for analyzing data data

Directory Structure

├── .github                     Github 配置目录
├── conf                        配置文件目录
│   ├── conf.d                  Nginx 用户站点配置目录
│   ├── mysql.cnf               MySQL 用户配置文件
│   ├── nginx.conf              Nginx 默认配置文件
│   ├── php-fpm.conf            PHP-FPM 配置文件
│   ├── php.ini                 PHP 配置文件
│   ├── redis.conf              Redis 配置文件
├── docs                        文档目录
├── extensions                  PHP 扩展源码包
├── log                         日志目录
├── mongo                       MongoDB 数据目录
├── mysql                       MySQL 数据目录
├── www                         PHP 代码目录
├── Dockerfile                  PHP 镜像构建文件
├── docker-compose-sample.yml   Docker 服务配置示例文件
├── env.smaple                  环境配置示例文件
└──             Travis CI 构建脚本

Environmental requirements

  • Docker
  • Docker-compose
  • Git

Quick use

$ git clone --recursive
$ cd dnmp-plus
$ cp env.sample .env
$ cp docker-compose-sample.yml docker-compose.yml
# Service option:nginx、php72、php56、mysql、mongo、redis、phpmyadmin、phpredisadmin、mongo-express
$ docker-compose up -d php72 nginx mysql mongo

OK, you now have a dnmp-plus development environment, the default web root directory www/localhost/, the browser accesses http://localhost

Basic use

# Service option:nginx、php72、php56、mysql、mongo、redis、phpmyadmin、phpredisadmin、mongo-express

# Create and start containers
$ docker-compose up 服务1 服务2 ...
# Create and start all containers
$ docker-compose up
# Create and start deamon containers 
$ docker-compose up -d 服务1 服务2 ...

# Start services
$ docker-compose start 服务1 服务2 ...

# Stop services
$ docker-compose stop 服务1 服务2 ...

# Restart services
$ docker-compose restart 服务1 服务2 ...

# Build or rebuild services
$ docker-compose build 服务1 服务2 ...

# Execute a command in a running container
$ docker-compose exec 服务 bash

# Remove stopped containers
$ docker-compose rm 服务1 服务2 ...

# Stop and remove containers, networks, images, and volumes
$ docker-compose down 服务1 服务2 ...

For xhgui use, you can refer to



$ cd www/xhgui-branch
$ composer install

Modify the xhgui-branch configuration file www/xhgui-branch/config/config.default.php

return array(
    'debug'        => true, // changed to true for easy debugging
    'mode'         => 'development',
    'extension'    => 'tideways', // changed to support tideways for PHP7
    'save.handler' => 'mongodb',
    ''      => 'mongodb://mongo:27017', // changed to mongo

Added in the hosts file             xhgui.test

Browser access http://xhgui.test

Modify in the nginx configuration file to analyze the project, with the default localhost configuration conf/conf.d/localhost.conf as an example

location ~ \.php$ {
    fastcgi_pass   php72:9000;
    fastcgi_index  index.php;
    include        fastcgi_params;
    fastcgi_param  PATH_INFO $fastcgi_path_info;
    fastcgi_param  SCRIPT_FILENAME  $document_root$fastcgi_script_name;
    # 在执行主程序之前运行我们指定的PHP脚本
    fastcgi_param  PHP_VALUE "auto_prepend_file=/var/www/html/xhgui-branch/external/header.php"; 

Restart nginx

$ docker-compose restart nginx

The browser visits http://localhost](http://localhost) and then visits http://xhgui.test. Now that you have the content, you can enjoy the performance tracking and analysis of the project

PHP and extensions

Switch the PHP version used by Nginx

By default, both PHP5.6 and PHP7.2 2 PHP versions of the container are created. Switching PHP only needs to modify the fastcgi_pass option of the corresponding site Nginx configuration. For example, the example http://localhost uses PHP7.2, Nginx configuration:

fastcgi_pass   php72:9000;

To use PHP 5.6 instead, change it to:

fastcgi_pass   php56:9000;

Restart Nginx to take effect

$ docker-compose restart nginx

Install PHP extensions

Many of PHP's features are implemented through extensions, and installing extensions is a slightly time-consuming process, so in addition to the PHP built-in extensions, we only install a few extensions by default in the env.sample file. If you want to install more extensions, please Open your .env file and modify the PHP configuration as follows to add the required PHP extensions:


Then rebuild the PHP image

docker-compose build php72
docker-compose up -d

Use Log

The location where the Log file is generated depends on the value of each log configuration under conf.

Nginx Log

The Nginx log is the one we use the most, so we put it under the root directory log. The log directory maps the /var/log/nginx directory of the Nginx container, so in the Nginx configuration file, you need to output the location of the log. We need to configure it to the /var/log/nginx directory, such as:

error_log  /var/log/nginx/nginx.localhost.error.log  warn;

MySQL log

Because MySQL in the MySQL container uses the mysql user to start, it cannot add log files by itself under /var/log. So, we put the MySQL log in the same directory as data, the mysql directory of the project, corresponding to the /var/lib/mysql/ directory in the container.

Configuration of the log file in mysql.conf:

slow-query-log-file     = /var/lib/mysql/mysql.slow.log
log-error               = /var/lib/mysql/mysql.error.log

Database management

Reference link



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Docker的LNMP一键安装开发环境 + PHP非侵入式监控平台xhgui(优化系统性能、定位Bug神器) spread retract
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