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Changes to version 2.2.0
- CS104 server: support for multiple redundancy groups
- CS104 server: Added new property ("EnqueuMode") to control behavior when event queue is full
- file service: fixed problem with large directories (#3)
- CS104 server: set TCP nodelay for new socket
- CS101 unbalanced master: fixed state machine problem with multiple slaves (some responses don't change state and master keeps locked on the slave)
- CS101 unbalanced master: reset slave specific FCB value after reset link message
- CS 104 server: fixed bug - deactivate old connections in CONNECTION_IS_REDUNDANCY_GROUP mode
- added project files for .NET core 2.0 (only for CS104 because SerialPort is not supported by .NET core)
Changes to version 2.1.0
- support for CS 101 master/slave over TCP/IP
- refactored CS101Master as a single class for balanced and unbalanced master
Changes to version 2.0.0
- support for CS 101 master/slave communication
- support for transmission of transparent files
- C code forked out
Changes to version 0.9.5
- lib60870.NET: add support for server allowing multiple clients using the application layer (ServerMode.CONNECTION_IS_REDUNDANCY_GROUP)
- lib60870-C: add support for server allowing multiple clients using the application layer (new mode where each client connection is a redundancy group)
- lib60870-C: limit the number of allowed client connection (T104Slave_setMaxOpenConnections)
- lib60870-C: only accept single active connection in ServerMode == SINGLE_REDUNDANCY_GROUP
- lib60870-C: enhanced big endian platform detection
- lib60870-C: CS104 slave/server: added support for ConnectionRequestHandler
- lib60870-C: Socket_getPeerAddress replaced by Socket_getPeerAddressStatic to avoid dynamic memory allocation
- lib60870.NET: server support for multiple clients with separate ASDU queues (added ServerMode property)
- lib60870.NET: server - added MaxOpenConnections property
- lib60870.NET: server - added ConnectionRequestHandler
- lib60870.NET: Added RawValue properties to SetpointCommandNormalized and MeasuredValueNormalized, additional constructors with short values
- lib60870.NET: ScaledValue adds proporty to get/set short value
- lib60870.NET: fixed tests project dependencies
- lib60870.NET: fixed bug in BitString32
- lib60870-C: fixed month bug in CP56Time2a conversion functions
Changes to version 0.9.4
- added length check when adding information objects to ASDUs --> changed signature of ASDU_addInformationObject
- lib60870-C: added TARGET=UCLINUX-XPORT to compile for Lantronix XPORT PRO
- lib60870-C: added CauseOfTransmission_toString function
- lib60870.NET: fixed bug in parsing of MeasuredValueNormalizedWithoutQuality when SEQ = 1
- added all missing timeout handling for master and slave side
- lib60870.NET: added client side ConnectionStatistics
- lib60870.NET: client socket uses Poll instead of read timeout
- lib60870.NET: added TestCommand ASDU
- lib60870.NET: client - some refactoring - added ASDU queue for congestion handling
- lib60870.NET: fixed constructors for StepPosition information objects (added quality)
- lib60870.NET: Added missing GetEncodedSize in SinglePointWithCPxxx objects
- lib60870.NET: added constructors and set properties for CP24Time2a
- lib60870-C: implemented BufferFrame to enable ASDU and IO encoding to arbitrary memory buffers
- lib60870-C: slave - replaced ASDU queue by queue consisiting of buffers of encoded ASDUs
- lib60870.NET: fixed bug in encoding of sequence of information objects
- lib60870.NET: fixed bug in EventOfProtectionEquipment
- lib60870.NET: added public constructor for CP16Time2a
- lib60870.NET: added encoding tests (with maximum number of information objects in ASDU w/wo sequence of information objects)
- lib60870.NET: fixed bug in StatusAndStatusChangeDetection
- lib60870.NET: ASDU parser - added header length check
Changes to version 0.9.3
- lib60870.NET: changed visibility of InformationObject.Encode method to internal
- lib60870.NET: added public Constructor Encoding functions for PackedOutputCircuitInfo, PackedStartEventsOfProtectionEquipment, EventOfProtectionEquipment
- lib60870.NET/lib60870-C: Added parsing support for sequence for information objects for all data messages in monitoring direction (despite the fact that this should not happen according to IEC 60870-5-101)
Changes to version 0.9.2
- lib60870-C: changed to select based read at client side
- lib60870.NET: extended STARTDT/STOPDT handling
- lib60870.NET: changed signature of ConnectionHandler
- lib60870-C: added functions to bind to local IP address and TCP port
- lib60870-C: default bind to address ""
- lib60780-C: fixed StopDT bug
- lib60870-C: fixed C99 incompatibilities in cpXXtime2a.c
- lib60870-C: added support for M_EI_NA_1 message (end of initialization)
- lib60870-C: DoublePointWithCP56Time2a_getFromBuffer corrected parsing of time stamp
- lib60870-C: SingleCommandWithCP56Time2a_getFromBuffer corrected parsing of time stamp
- lib60870-C: SinglePointWithCP56Time2a_getFromBuffer corrected parsing of time stamp
- lib60870-C: StepPositionWithCP56Time2a_getFromBuffer corrected parsing of time stamp
- lib60870-C: DoublePointWithCP24Time2a_getFromBuffer corrected parsing of time stamp
- lib60870-C: SinglePointWithCP24Time2a_getFromBuffer corrected parsing of time stamp
- lib60870-C: corrected parsing of double point information
- lib60870-C: corrected parsing of some data types when sent as sequence of information objects
- lib60870-C: client/master: extended STARTDT/STOPDT handling; changed connection handler signature to indicate STARTDT_CON/STOPDT_CON messages

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