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fawdlstty / NetToolboxC++GPL-3.0

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Net Toolbox for Master Yi (易大师网络工具箱) spread retract

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Net Toolbox for Master Yi



NetToolbox is a opensource mini tool collection, it's contains some tool for network, it's may improve your productivity.

Source structure explanation: 【易大师网络工具箱】项目解析

UI Library(MIT License): DuiLib_Faw

Local Net

  1. Localhost Info: Display various system information of the machine, including configuration information, CPU ID, motherboard ID and other information
  2. Localhost Net: Displays all network information on the machine
  3. Net Connect: Shows which processes are currently accessing the network on the machine, lists the port address of the connection, right click to open the process location or end the process

Net Tool

  1. Tracert: Keeps track of the number of links from the current host to the destination address
  2. HTTP Request: Simulate GET/POST requests that implement HTTP(s)
  3. QPS Test: Test specifies the maximum number of HTTP connections the Web service can withstand

Format Tool

  1. Regex Tool: Used to test and validate regular expression execution
  2. RSA Generate: Used to generate RSA public-private key pairs
  3. Encode Decode: Supports 4 modes of transcoding and decoding operations

Standalone Tool

  1. GIF Record: Used to record GIF images
  2. Serial Port: Used for debugging serial ports
  3. Window Tool: Used for screen color, window information acquisition
  4. File Tool: Used to calculate the file hash value

Compile Steps

  1. Install VS2017/vcpkg/7-zip/upx and set environment variables, Until these commands can be used directly from the command line
  2. run: vcpkg install boost:x86-windows boost:x86-windows-static openssl:x86-windows openssl:x86-windows-static nlohmann-json:x86-windows nlohmann-json:x86-windows-static curl:x86-windows curl:x86-windows-static
  3. compile




technical exchange: Click the link to join the group【网络工具箱交流群 943497747】

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